Our meetings

Club activities

The Club organizes for all its members, at least one trip in each Flemish province in Belgium and one trip in the Netherlands. These meetings are perfectly organized and a detailed road-book with photographs and indications of the road to follow (this to be one of it's kind), helps to make each happening a big success. The exclusive road-books are a helping tool in case the traffic light jumps to red and the car in front of you was still able to make it and you were not. Even without any police-guidance (except for the meeting in Antwerp) it is easy to join the group in front of you. The distance of each trip is approximately 30 miles long. A colourful tripboard is designed for each trip and afterwards members usually take it home as a souvenir of a satisfactory relaxing day. Each trip is a learning experience since during the drive, a lot of stops are being made at famous museums and local places of interest. During the winter period a "get-together" is being organized to chat and catch up on the latest news in the Oldtimer-world. Usually these meetings take place in the two provinces most centrally located. On top of that, once a year a trip by bus is organized as well. A visit to a museum of antique cars is usually on the programme and also several popular tourist attractions.

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